What does the word transgress mean?

Usage examples for transgress

  1. Cursed, saith he, are thy that do transgress The least of my commandments, more or less. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  2. But the inhabitants of this new world, before they begin to transgress its laws and so lose their own citizenship there, are so faithfully copied from the people about us that they share their dumbness, that dumbness to which it is the power and privilege of poetry to give speech. – Figures of Several Centuries by Arthur Symons
  3. I say at once there are fewer difficulties in holding hereditary states, and those long accustomed to the family of their prince, than new ones; for it is sufficient only not to transgress the customs of his ancestors, and to deal prudently with circumstances as they arise, for a prince of average powers to maintain himself in his state, unless he be deprived of it by some extraordinary and excessive force; and if he should be so deprived of it, whenever anything sinister happens to the usurper, he will regain it. – The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli