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  1. Then with frenzy she began to beat against the window- sashes and to moan and try to stifle her own moans. "A Cathedral Singer" by James Lane Allen
  2. We must stifle the desire to be conspicuous unless it is to be conspicuous by quietness. "The Colored Girl Beautiful" by E. Azalia Hackley
  3. And Patty had great difficulty to stifle her laughter. "Patty's Suitors" by Carolyn Wells

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    • Antonyms 2

    Antonyms 2 Level 7. Directions: Choose the word that ... A. stifle. B. soak. C. disappoint. D. allay. E. parch. 5. NURTURE. A. neglect. B. underestimate. C. mother.

    Synonyms for suffocate |

    Synonyms and antonyms for suffocate ... 4. suffocate (v.) become stultified, suppressed, or stifled. Synonyms: become,; choke,; turn ...

    stifle - Dictionary Definition :

    You may stifle your cough if you don't want to interrupt a lecture or you may ... The verb stifle means “to choke, suffocate, drown. ... Antonyms: excite, stimulate.
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