What does the word crimp mean?

Usage examples for crimp

  1. I meant to put a crimp in the vanity of that free- information bureau. – The River and I by John G. Neihardt
  2. I began to feel comforted, but I bridled my chin in an aggrieved manner, which I know I had caught from Mrs. Marsden, the charwoman, when she took tea in the nursery and told long tales to nurse; and I said I " was sure it wasn't for want of speaking to" nurse that my hair did not wave like Maud Mary's, but that when I asked her to crimp it, she only said, " Handsome is that handsome does, and that ought to be enough for you, Miss Selina, without my slaving to damp- plait your hair every night." – Melchior's Dream and Other Tales by Juliana Horatia Ewing